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Information, Informed by Research and Implementation
Pedagogy of the hands, hearts, and minds

Eduthink.21’s mission is to provide educators with the tools, resources and support systems to develop project-based and student centered classrooms. We believe learning should be driven by student interests and individual passion, in collaboration with community partners. This requires a one-size-fits-one approach to teaching and learning.

  • Consulting
  • Public Speaking
  • On-Site Professional Development Seminars
  • School Evaluation and Progress Plans
  • Digital File Production: Operational Documents, Customized Project Based Learning Curriculum Guides
  • School Design: 21st century learning environments, design as a pedagogy, furniture section and room arrangement
“The excitement of learning should evolve at the fingertips of a child, in an environment that encourages innovation.”
– Elizabeth Anne McDaniel



We all know it—the world is rapidly changing. Our educational approaches, pedagogy and technology must lead the charge of these evolving advancements. Educators now, more than ever, need to have support from practitioners, tools and pathways to prepare students for their futures rather than our past. We are here to help, merging research and practice to ensure optimal student learning outcomes, in a like-minded community of innovative educators.

Our personalized areas of expertise include:


Eduthink.21 Platforms/Programs
We offer a variety of customizable packages for schools and districts.

All Packages Include:

  • Eduthink.21’s learning model download
  • A pin on our website’s map as a global partner
  • Access to a bi-monthly e-newsletter (including webinar opportunities, Twitter chats and links to emerging research)
  • Access to the Eduthink.21 blog topic queue (opportunities for guest blogging)
  • Brainstorming sessions (10 hours)
  • Mission statement creation
  • Core values creation & corresponding graphics
  • Employee handbook & staff policy creation
  • Parent handbook & staff policy creation
  • Stakeholder communication plan
  • Social media plan
  • Operational plan, including the development of school customs and procedures
  • Customized enrollment documents
  • IT deployment plan and equipment selection
  • Physical environment support with 21st century school and classroom design
  • Teach Recruitment Plan: Positions, Job Descriptions and Search Suggestions
  • Core Webinar Package (10)
    • Culture, Communication and Customer Service
    • Teacher Researchers
    • Project Based Learning
    • Community Partners
    • Change Making Experiences
    • Deeper learning/Cognitive Strategies
    • Makers Mindset
    • Game Based Learning
    • Assessments & Data Collection
    • Health & Nutrition
  • Hosted Twitter Chats (Unlimited Throughout Partnership)
  • On-Site Training (3 Days, Not Including Travel Days)
    • Social-Emotional Climates: Heart Mapping, Culture and Team-Building, for students, teachers, and administrators
    • Edcamps, Promoting Teacher Voice
    • Project Based Learning In-Action (Hands-On Workshop)
      • The Amusement Park Project
      • The Lemonade Project
      • The Pirate Project
      • The Hot Air Balloon Project
      • The Structures and Bridges Project
      • The Historical Heroes Project
  • Establishment of a Personal Learning Community (Community of Inquiry, Book Suggestions and Guiding Questions)
  • Roadmap and Plan for Individualized Professional Development (Year 1 and Guidelines for Future Implementation)
  • Teacher Subscriptions to Eduthink.21’s Collaborative Teacher Forum (Unlimited throughout Partnership)
  • Download of Eduthink.21’s project based learning model (authorized for one school site)
  • Brainstorming sessions (10)
  • Social-emotional and school culture project design, 4-6 week project
  • Initial, local and global standards research, domain collation and project topics sequenced by grade
  • Detailed project guide blank template
  • Standards based report card designs
  • Common assessments design
  • Data tracking plan, student & teacher
  • Capstone journal template
  • Ongoing teacher development and curriculum support is available beyond the services within each program (customized webinars, curriculum review, annual staff development agenda and tools, etc.)
  • Travel and lodging expenses are required for all on-site training, as an additional expense beyond the package price.
  • Detailed monthly logs are provided to each client, documenting monthly progress and an updated completion timeline.
  • Upon selecting services, a legal contract will be drafted. A 50% deposit is required at the time of the contract’s signing. The balance is due upon the completion of all work, as outlined within the selected package.
E-mail info@eduthink21.com for package pricing


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